Madness Returns
Come now, Alice. It’s only a dream.
Fractured Porcelain Photography

Miss Peregrine’s Abandoned College for Girls

Abandoned K-Train

If you drink too much from a bottle marked “poison”, it’s almost certain to disagree with you sooner or later.
Drink Me
Fractured Porcelain Photography

Miss Peregrine’s Abandoned College for Girls
Abandoned Call Hollow Village for the “Feeble Minded” and Epileptic

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Butterflies Never Die
Fractured Porcelain Photography
mydalen: I am in love with all your photos, what kind of camera do you use? Id love to take pictures of abandon places, I'm in IL and can't seem to find anything :( Anyways, Just wanted to tell you that your work is amazing. <3

Thank you so much! I use a Canon EOS t3. I’m sure you’ll find someplace to go. Let me know if you do! Thanks again. I appreciate the message. 

atomikzombie13: Quick question, where is the ravenloft castle? I've always wanted to go there but never found a location

It’s in New York. However, I can’t give out actual locations due to vandalism.

Abandoned Call Hollow Village for the &#8220;Feeble Minded&#8221; and EpilepticCopyright © 2013 Fractured Porcelain Photography
charlo-mander: I often look at your blog, I'm so amazed by your photography. It's beautiful. The places you take photos of are breath taking! How do you find the places you go to?!:o I admire your work xo

Hey. Thank you! I honestly just use Google. I always keep my eyes open whilst I’m out but Google helps me find the majority of the places I visit. Thanks again! :)

ghostytricksterx: I love, love, love your blog! You're a truthfully talented photographer. C:

Aw. Thank you so much! :)

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